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Demonstrating genuine commitment to the  market our history goes right back to 1968 when our original family company first began supplying architectural building envelopes to many of Perths landmark projects.  Our flagship range is fiber cement products  are manufactured by Elemitia, formed by the global building products giant Eternit which has been making CFC products for over 100 years and has 123 factories in 44 countries with 18,000 staff globally.  The UltraCem Brand is used throughout the Caribbean & Latin America, Australia and United Kingdom.


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Fiber Cement Technology

UltraCem is a range of high quality fibre cement building products including a wide range of different products such as floor bases, ceilings, sheets for wall partitions, decking boards.   UltraCem Fiber-Cement Sheets are composed of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber that has been autoclaved (cured with pressurized steam) to increase its strength and dimensional stability. The fiber is added as reinforcement to prevent cracking. UltraCem sheets are more durable than wood, termite resistant, water-resistant, non-combustible, and will last for many years. UltraCem Fiber-Cement Sheets are perfect for all your building needs. This product is available in a variety of textures that provide the appearance of wood.

What is it made of?

ü  Portland Cement

ü  Cellelose Fibers

ü  Sand

ü  Water


Ultracem Products are totally fire resistant and does not burn.  Rigorous testing of Ultracem has proven it to be neither flammable nor a hazardous combustion product. Combine this safety feature with Ultracem's reversible, smooth/textured surface and the result is a highly versatile product that is perfect for customers who only use the finest materials in their construction projects.

Ultracem Fiber Cement is totally resistant to any kind of damage created due to termite attacks.  This makes Ultracem fiber cement products the perfect alternate for traditional building products (Sidings & Moldings etc.) which are vulnerable to termites and other wood destroying organisms.  The long-term benefit in terms of durability makes it the perfect solution for today's building technology.

Our temperature controlled curing and drying process adheres the refined fibers and cement into tight layers that will endure years of weather exposure. Primed on six sides at the factory, Ultracem is ideally suited for a variety of applications, including exterior corners, windows, columns and doors.


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